The 2011 Campaign

Below are some anecdotes and memories from those who have been involved with Plockton Music School. If you have been involved in any way over the years and have a story to share, send it to

The 2011 Campaign

On 1st February 2011, word leaked to the press that Highland Councillors were planning to take a vote on 10th February 2011 on whether or not to continue their support of Plockton Music School.
There was instant national uproar at this news and former students, along with many other concerned individuals, took action. Campaigners reached out to every available media source with information on the music school’s benefits, and also held two protests - one in Glasgow’s George Square on 5th February, and one on the morning of the crucial vote in Inverness.
Over the short time available to campaign, an online petition reached a total of 9522 signatures.
Though councillors voted to discontinue support on 10th February, the outcry had already caught the attention of MSPs, and campaigners were assured that everything would be done to make alternative arrangements for support. Subsequent meetings between representatives of Highland Council and the Centre resulted in ongoing support from Highland Council but on a reduced basis.

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