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As part of the review of Plockton Music School’s funding in 2011, this charitable trust has been established to tap into the considerable opportunities for private contributions to the work of the Centre.
In the first instance, the Trust is intended to finance the already well established ‘fringe’ activities of the Centre, such as production of the renowned annual album, touring and outreach, and equipment purchase.
However, the Trust also has the potential to promote the interests of the Centre and attract additional income for activities that fall outwith the resources of either the College or Council, such as scholarships and international development. It will also help to reduce dependence on Council funding, and to underpin the long-term sustainability of the Centre.
The Trust is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO), charity number SC042890, and is funded by annual membership subscriptions of £30.
The partnership plan with West Highland College UHI provides for the legal and promotional costs involved in the establishment of the Trust, as well as a part-time project manager for the initial set-up period. This means the entirety of subscriptions will go to advancing education and culture through funding the long-term aims of the Trust. The constitution of the trust will provide that funds raised are applied in support of the aims of NCETM and for the benefit of public education.
The initial target income of the Trust is £30,000 per annum, which will directly fund the fringe activities already mentioned. However, the medium term target is £50,000 per annum, which will greatly aid the Centre’s development and sustainability.
  Download the full constitution here
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