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Below are some anecdotes and memories from those who have been involved with Plockton Music School. If you have been involved in any way over the years and have a story to share, send it to


"I owe a lot to Plockton. I went there as a piper only knowing about 4 chords on guitar, and learnt guitar while I was there. Now I'm playing guitar full time, earning a living from it. If I hadn't gone to Plockton I probably would have left school at fourth year and I probably would have given up the pipes so I kind of owe everything I'm doing now to the music school."
Tia Files
"Rehearsing and arranging with a band for an hour every evening is a complete luxury. We got this opportunity in the music school - to practice in groups, learn from our fellow students and gain experience in perfoming, as well as receiving fantastic individual instrumental tuition. This provided valuable preparation for life as a professional musician. Itís just a shame geographical and diary logistics donít allow for that same luxury of regular rehearsals for the bands I play with now! Iím delighted I went to Plockton for my sixth year. I not only developed as a musician but I also met friends for life."
Mairearad Green"
This last year at Plockton Music School has just been amazing really. Itís given me experience in areas of traditional music other than performing that I didnít know anything about beforehand. Weíre just bank from the whole school tour, which has been fantastic. Itís been really good craic and been great experience as kind of life as a performer and the kind of difficulties and the logistics of touring. Weíve just finished recording the last bits of the album as well. Thatís been a totally new thing for me, as I didnít have any knowledge of recording at all. I feel like thatís been really beneficial for the future as Iíll be a lot quicker and a lot more comfortable in the studio. Itís been the best year ever!"
Sally Simpson
"Plockton Music School is absolutely awesome! Iíve not only learnt heaps about music and improved my playing, but Iíve also learnt quite a lot about life in general."
Caitlin Sinclair
"We went on a trip to Aberdeen in about September and that was the first trip I did with the sixth years in the music school. It was really good as that was one of the first times we all got to play together and it was really exciting to be part of. We were away for 2 nights so it was a good experience being away all together and getting to perform together.During the tour we just got back from we were doing a workshop at a primary school and at the end the head teacher was asking us to play some music all together, and they were so into the music that the next thing we knew the teacher was leading all the kids in a big conga line! It was really funny and great to see them enjoying it. Thatís another thing about the music school, the experience you get leading workshops and teaching when youíre on the tours."
Hayley Keenan
"There was one time - this was back in 2010 doing the showcase for the centres of excellence in Glasgow at Douglas Academy - myself and Cameron Ross and Ali Levack were killing time between the soundcheck and the gig and were sure we had time to head into town. We jumped on a bus and ended up totally lost and even missed the start of the gig! Iíve learnt a lot of lessons in Plockton, but the ones that stick the most are the ones you learn the hard way! All the experience you get on the road is great."
Kenny Rankin
"One of my favourite music school memories is from my first weekend there. The whole music school had a gig on the Saturday afternoon at Kyle Gala and after just a few days I felt so settled with everyone and I remember loving how smoothly we managed to put together the programme of music Ė the ones who had been there a while were great working along with us new ones. Itís almost unbelievable how much I matured as a musician and a person over my 3 years there. Going to Plockton remains the best decision Iíve made so far."
Suzanne Houston
















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